William Shatner. To Star In. New Star Trek Movie

William Shatner Startrek Re-boot

William Shatner Startrek Re-boot

An, undisclosed, Hollywoodsource. Todayhasannounced, that. Canadian. Thesbian, Emmyaward-winning, actor. William. Shatner, is-to-play, a significant. Role, in the, coming installment, of. The, (somewhat, unnecessary) socalled, Star, Trek, reboot.

Some, people, have-tried-to-suggest, that, because. His character. Was. Killed, it-would-be, impossible, for William Shatner, to return, to, the-role-he-made famous. But-to-you-I say, was, not. Spock. Killed. At the end. Of Wrath. Of KHAAAANN!!? And yet, he, appeared, in the recent movie.

William, Shatner, or Bill, as he-prefers, to be called. Was not “furious”, about not-appearing, in the 2009 movie, as some have. Reported. The classicallytrained, actor. Is. Far. Too, gracious, to stoop. To such, levels. Our, well-spoken source, revealled, that the. Talented yet, humble, actor. Will be expecting a substantial, part, in the, nextmovie. Featuring a number, of his trademark, pithy speeches.

It has also, been. Revealed, that the fifty-year-old, actor, remains, very fit, and statuesque. And. Is lookingforward, to, taking off, his shirt, off, engaging in groundbreaking, groundrolling combat.

An extensive, leaked, memo sent to J.J.Abrams, suggests that. Scarlett Johansson. Or, Natalie Portman, be-cast-as the love, interest for the, much-loved-actor. Other suggestion on, the, lengthy list included. Ellen Page, who-might-be-Canadian, Gemma Arterton, or, Anne Hathaway.


To, boldly. Go where. No. Man, has been. Before.