Woman fined for parking Giant Louis Vuitton Handbag by a Fire Hydrant

The New York Fire Department take a very dim view of this kind of thing

The New York Fire department were forced to remove a Louis Vuitton handbag from the fire hydrant from the corner of 54th and 7th today as it was obstructing their attempt to put out a fire in the adjacent block.

The bag which was roughly the size of a Prius was left there by Marcie Potempkin of Reno who was breaking a fifty in the deli across the street.

When confronted by the fire chief Mrs Potempkin stood her ground (a lot of it) by saying that the large bag made her look slimmer.

The bag was so large that it would have made an 800 pound grizzly look slimmer.

Apart from the doubtless aesthetic effect of this gargantuan sack, what other reason might there be for such an accessory?

What did it contain?

Having hit the object broadside with their fire truck at 40mph its contents were scattered across the sidewalk for all to see.

Mrs Potempkin carries the following ‘essential items’ in her handbag.

14 Chihuahua collars belonging to the three Chihuahuas
A lipstick the size of a shoulder to air missile launcher
Enough Hershey bars to give a Sperm Whale a sugar headache
Four Blackberry’s
Two iPads
Some very badly cut cocaine
Condoms (way past their sell by date)
Various dildos
Travel Washing powder
Travel Pedicure kit
sixty sheets of ibuprofen
and a well thumbed copy of Shades of Grey

She was fined $200 and told to get some major therapy!