World comes to an end as Marijuana legalized in Colorado

World War Weed!

weedworldMarijuana became legal for recreational use in Colorado yesterday, and as predicted, the entire world came to an end. I just saw a young child run down the street. He was on fire.

Most major metropolitan areas have been ransacked. People everywhere have stomach aches and are being terribly nasty to one another. One guy was drowning in an empty pool!

The entire town of Norwood has disappeared, but as only 400 people live there, no one knows if it was ever there in the first place. No one can be bothered to check on Norwood, because they’re all too high.


Indeed, it’s absolute hell on Earth now that marijuana is legal. Sorry folks, the uncool people were right. Why couldn’t you ever listen to your mother? Why couldn’t you stay away from the wacky tabacky?! IT IS YOUR FAULT THAT ASPEN IS BEING SWARMED BY LOCUST!

Nah it’s just a bunch of people getting stoned pretty much.

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