World Wildlife Fund Adopts Shopping Trolley as New Symbol of Hope


WWF shopping trolley

WWF shopping trolley

The European Shopping Trolley, which was recently granted ‘protected’ status under EU law is to be the new symbol for the WWF.

The trolley, which has become increasingly rare due to loss of habitat caused by the internet has been marginalized in recent years and is  now to  be found only in small colonies in canals, parks and student campuses.

Now steps are to be taken to ensure that the trolleys are protected for future generations to enjoy.

Several breeding pairs have been released into the wild in secret locations across the UK and are said to be doing well.

Trolley collectors or ‘basket cases’ as they are known, will receive tougher sentences if they are found to be stealing the trolley’s young or eggs.

A spokesman for the WWF said that the trolley was a symbol of hope for the future and it harked back to a time when people met each other face to face not virtually.

Halcyon days when kids could get drunk and ride a shopping trolley straight through the window of a chip shop laughing maniacally and it would barely make the news.

Another spokesman for the WWF said that all the fights are real and anyone who says they’re fake will get punched by wrestling giant Steroido!

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