Worlds First Laser Hair Cutting Salon Goes up in Flames

laser hair cutting

laser hair cutting

‘Lightshaver cybercuts’ a hair salon in Notting Hill has been engulfed by flames and completely destroyed. Owner Janos Papadopulous together with his startled customer were thrown clear of the building when the the laser being used to perform a light trim hit a gas main.

Mr Papadopulous and is partner ‘Franco’, two top names on the London hairdressing scene were the first ever to use the pioneering technique (usually associated with the removal of unwanted pubes) to cut and style hair.

Their patented ‘light shavers’ are the first of their kind and are thought to have been illegally acquired from a Cold War surplus website.

Franco has recently been released on bail after serving a short sentence for beheading a number of dogs at his Mayfair pet grooming lounge.

Police are now very interested to discover if the two incidents are linked. On the night the dogs were beheaded local residents reported ‘cooking smells inconsistent with the normal practice of dog grooming’ emanating from the property.

Firemen attended the property in Notting Hill this morning and were able to bring the blaze under control despite constant interference from messers Papadopulous and Franco who seemed to be in surprisingly high spirits despite what was happening.

“They kept flirting with us, to be honest it slowed down the whole operation!” complained Brian McNair, one of the firemen attending.

The customer is being treated burns, shock and the psychological effects of a really bad hair day.

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