Worlds first Orgasm Transplant is a Success!

Some men fall asleep after just one orgasm!

Some men fall asleep after just one orgasm!

A woman in Florida has donated one of her multiple orgasms to her husband who, apparently, is only capable of having one before falling asleep.

Berni Tamanski from Miami took pity on her husband who’s last remaining orgasm was petering out badly.

“It’s the least I could do!” Said Berni. “How can a person live with just one orgasm? It’s impossible! You’d have to to be pretty strong to survive a thing like that…what an injustice knowing that your wife has more orgasms than she could possibly need!”*

Her husband Herb now has two orgasms a night and as a result has lost all his male friends.

“It’s okay about the guys,” he said philosophically. “Shoot, I don’t even need go out anymore now I’ve got two orgasms!”

It is hoped that this pioneering work will open the flood gates to many thousands of men believed to have just one orgasm, a fact that they are unable to keep to themselves because a man can’t fake an orgasm without having to explain why there is no semen shooting out.

“The worst part about this whole sad tale…” Said Dr Heinz Braun who carried out the operation. “Is that having used up his one orgasm the man is forced to fall asleep. But this is nearly impossible when there’s a woman sat next to you bucking and moaning in ecstasy with a buzzing dildo between her legs!”

Now that dildo can become a cock!

*Believe it or not, despite this evolutionary crime, women still expect to have doors held open for them…it beggars belief!

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