Worlds Tallest Man Violates Russian Air Space

In a new twist on the old U2 spy plane story, American Basketball legend and world’s tallest man Guy Scraper has been charged with invading Russian airspace whilst on a fact finding mission in Chechnya for his charity: Plight for Height a quest to help giant starving babies. Mr Scraper who is eleven foot tall if he’s an inch was picked up by marine radar as he walked along a high street. The star who has previously interrupted satellite television broadcasts and financed his university education by taking a job as a mobile phone mast  was immediately taken into custody by local police. On hearing the news the government of Papua New Guinea, where Mr Scraper is worshiped as a deity,  have threatened to invade Russia if he is not released immediately. The Russian Government have refused to comment, but there is a rumour that one of the border police in Vladivostok was eaten by a group of strangers on Tuesday evening.

Mr Skraper remains in custody.