Zod loses job as elementary school principal in California

Hates kids, but job options were limited.

Hates kids, but job options were limited.

Former Superman nemesis Zod will no longer be principal of the Sarah Janewine’s Preparatory School in San Bernardino. Seriously Californians, how the fuck did you let that happen in the first place?

Good Zod Damn.

Amazingly, the evil alien general held his position as principal for over 13 months. Everything was going fairly well until Zod became overwhelmed with the need to be knelt before, as is to be expected.

K through 5 was administered a crash course in submission.

Kneel before Zod! And while you’re down there, pick up that empty Capri Sun pouch Billy dropped!

Parents became angry with the despotic ways of their children’s principal, and sent him back into the Forbidden Zone inside a flying square the size of a Laserdisc cover.

Seriously, make an effort to stop doing stupid shit California.

For more on this overlording, click here.

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